Eyelash extension procedure. Set Lashes

Lash Club Membership: $250.00

Classic full set of premium individual lashes and bi-weekly fills 

*Lash fills must be done bi-weekly for reduced fill pricing of $50.00

Hybrid Lashing:

Hybrid Full Set: $350.00

Hybrid Fills: $100.00

*Hybrid lashing is a mix of a classic set with 30-40% of volume lashing 

Precision Brow-Shaping: $25.00

Brow Tint: $20.00

Lip Wax: $14.00

Chin Wax: $14.00

Sides of the face: $20.00

Full-Face Wax (Brows, Lips, Chin, and sides of the face): $62.00    

Removal of lashes: $25.00

*Lash Touch-Ups: $25.00

Lash Tint: $40.00

Lash Perm: $70.00

*Lash Touch-Ups are not considered fills, they are considered maintenance 1-week after your fill if neccessary

Volume Lashing:

Volume Sets: $450.00

Volume Fills: $150.00

*Volume sets can be referred to as 2D/3D lashing

Non-Member Classic Set Fills: $100.00

*New Client Classic Lash Fills: $125.00

*New Client Volume Lash Fills: $175.00

(*Applies to fills not previously done by an MC Lash Artist)

If you would like your lashes removed, please contact us. Do not attempt to remove lashes yourself.

If you experience any redness, irritation or pain; contact your technician immediately